Weddings and Blessings

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Weddings and Blessings

Laura and Richard Flanagan were married in Church on 21st April 2018

Deciding to get married in Church is a significant step to take. It means recognising that God has a part to play in your relationship and choosing to honour that. A marriage service is not only a legal event but also a public act of worship for which the couple will share the planning with the minister. It includes the exchange of vows and promises, prayers, readings, and some words from the minister as the couple start this new stage of their life together.

A couple who have already had their partnership recognised in a civil ceremony may wish to receive a blessing for their relationship. This can involve promises, prayers, readings and the exchange of rings. This would be planned with the minister, as for a marriage service, but the ceremony would not have any legal status.

To find out what is involved in preparing for Christian marriage or a blessing please contact the minister or the Church Office (weekday mornings 10 – 12) or join us for Sunday worship.