Eco Church

On the 26th January 2021 Eco Church became 5 years old. When it was launched, a target was set to reach 10% of churches (about 4500) across England and Wales in 10 years. Today they are well over half way there: a total of 3100 churches have registered and over 1000 awards have been achieved. We in Wilmslow United Reformed Church are proud to be part of that community as well as having achieved Silver level award status.

The pandemic has impacted our Church life and, whilst we have been forced to reduce many of our activities, we need to take time to consider where we want to take our ECO journey next. In the coming months we will be completing an online survey to encourage members of our congregation to share their thoughts with us on what opportunities they suggest we could take to make a contribution in the years ahead.

We will report the results of this survey in due course.