Christian Aid 2023

Christian Aid Week 2023

Our church supported Christian Aid this May again by holding a virtual Duck Race.  Including proceeds from a Lent lunch, the amount raised for Christian Aid was an amazing £4,124.  You can still donate to by emailing our Treasurer


Struggling in Malawi

The focus of this year’s appeal for Christian Aid Week (14-20 May), was standing with people like Esther and Jen, and their families in Malawi.  Esther and Jen are strong, determined women who hope to achieve great things for themselves and their families, but they struggle with the soaring costs of food, fuel, fertiliser, school uniforms and school fees.

The soaring costs of food and essentials are having a crushing price on families in Malawi.  Children are robbed of the chance to go to school and they are forced to give up on their hopes for the future.  Farmers are struggling to survive in the face of the climate crisis.  But there is hope.  You can help people stand strong and help their children’s dreams come true this Christian Aid Week.

Christian Aid has worked in Malawi for 20 years.  They empower vulnerable commumities to find practical and sustainable ways out of poverty, including giving them the skills to grow crops that are more resilient to the climate crisis and to restore soil fertility through business skills and joint cooperatves to earn more for their crops.  The teo partners in this programme are the Nandolo Farmers Association (NFA) and Alliance Development African Foundation (ADAF).

To find out more about this year’s appeal visit Christian Aid Website