The church is here to help people approaching the end of their lives and to enable their loved ones to prepare a suitable service to mark their life. As Christians we believe God is always with us, and that Jesus Christ overcame death for us all, but we are sensitive about the way we express this as we care for people and help them to arrange a funeral.

Sometimes, when a person is dying, their family or friends may ask for prayers to be said at a hospital bedside or at home.  The church is willing to be contacted about this.

When someone has died, their family may decide to have a short service at the crematorium followed by a longer service of thanksgiving in church later that day.  The more traditional way has been to have the church service first and then go to the crematorium or graveside to commit the body.

Either of these patterns is possible.  Please contact the church through the office on 01625 532600 at an early stage so as to explore the options.