Our Structure

 Missional Partnership

The Revd Dr Kirsty Thorpe, our minister since 2008, has recently retired and we now continue as part of the Greater Manchester South and Cheshire Missional Partnership, a group of 11 URCs in Altrincham, Cheshire East and Stockport.  The Partnership is served by the Revd Kurauone Mutimwii.  Our worship will also be led, from time to time, by guest preachers.

The Revd Kurauone Mutimwii, as part of working with the churches in Missional Partnership, has provided pastoral support in different areas of Church ministry and mission.  He has been involved with the discernment journey of Cornerstone URC and supported Messy Churches in Wilmslow, Cornerstone and Ashton.  He participates in Church local ecumenical initiatives in Didsbury, Cheadle, Hale and Sale, along with leading worship, supporting fundraising Church activities and chairing some Church meetings.  He also carries out pastoral visitations for some members in hospitals and care homes.


Church Meeting

Major decisions are the responsibility of our Church Meeting. Any one who worships regularly with us is invited to attend and speak. Only members may vote, however. We have currently 128 members. Our Church Meetings are held quarterly, after the Sunday morning service.  

Church Officers

We have four Church Officers – Church Secretary, Church Treasurer, Deputy Church Secretary (Admin), Deputy Church Treasurer. All are appointed to the position annually.

Elders’ Meeting

The leadership of our church is exercised by the Minister working with a team of Elders who are elected annually by the Church Meeting.

Pastoral Support

Our Church provides Pastoral Support through informal friendships and through a network of Pastoral Elders and volunteers.


We organise our life together through a number of teams, as follows:

  • The Worship Team oversees all aspects of worship in the church.
  • The Finance Team oversees the financial status and control of our church funds.
  • The Administration Team ensures that the administrative and support activities required for the smooth running of our church are available.
  • The Property Team ensures that the church, halls and manse buildings are maintained.
  • The Premises Team is in charge of all bookings and servicing the buildings to meet the needs of our community.
  • The Fundraising Team organises events to bring us together and raise funds for our church
  • The Outreach Team looks to develop our relationship with the people of Wilmslow and the wider community.