Quotations from Recent Members

“I am so glad someone asked me to join.  It was a lovely service today and everyone so welcoming.  I should have done it BEFORE.”


“I initially came to the church as company for my wife, but after a while I came to realise it was where I wanted to be, and being a member was what I wanted to do. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted.”


“Wilmslow URC is a very warm and welcoming church.  From the moment I walked in, I felt at home.  I love this church, the people and how the gospel is preached.  This is why I wanted to become a member.  My little boy loves it too!  I look forward to contributing to the church as an active member, offering my skills and talents to serve the community.”


“Wilmslow URC is a welcoming true Christian family with strong outreach to the community.  It’s warm and friendly with a very spiritual atmosphere.”


“We found a friendly and welcoming congregation at Wilmslow URC with meaningful services, good hymns and choir singing on occasions.  We have seen a busy church supporting a range of social activities and have been happy to join in a number of them.”


“You receive a heartfelt welcome when you arrive at church on a Sunday morning.  I have become part of a new family – the Wilmslow URC church family.  It provides a range of opportunities to get involved in serving the wider community of Wilmslow.  The support and friendship within our church has helped me on my faith journey and has shown me the comfort and joy of togetherness in singing and worship.”