Hiring Rooms in our Buildings

Contact us for up-to-date information on hiring our buildings in light of the coronavirus.

Queries should be directed to our Bookings Manager via bookings@wilmslowurc.org.uk or 01625 532600.

We hope to make the process of hiring of spaces as quick and easy as possible.  To help us achieve this aim, please follow the steps below.


  1. Decide which spaces you are interested in hiring.

  2. When thinking of the time you need remember to include the time for setting up and closing.

  3. Use the following link to our Hallmaster computerised booking system to see when spaces are available.

This link has temporarily been removed and will be re-instated when our church activities resume.

  4. Read the two booking agreements (WURC Long Term Hiring Agreement and WURC Short Term Hiring Agreement), the Church Safeguarding Policy (WURC Safeguarding Statement), the Church Emergency Evacuation Procedure (WURC Emergency Evacuation Procedure) and the Summarised Data Privacy Statement (WURC Data Privacy Statement).

  5. Either

         i) enter a request for a booking using the Hallmaster system or

         ii) get in touch via bookings@wilmslowurc.org.uk or 01625 532600 and apply using our application form (WURC Booking Application Form).

  6. We will endeavour to get back to you within 2 working days to confirm the success, or otherwise, of your application.  Please be aware, however, that occasionally there may be a delay in replying, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.  If so, you will be sent two signed hard copies of the booking agreement.  Sign both and return one to the Bookings Manager.


  • We will try to answer any questions regarding potential hiring applications as soon as possible.
  • Priority is given to activities related to Wilmslow URC.  However, we try to work around booked-in paying hirers.
  • Wilmslow URC reserves the right to refuse any request without explanation.



Our Halls were built in 1858, extended in the 1880s and again in 1962 and 1999. WiFi is available throughout.

Room A

Approx. Size: 8.5m x 7m         Number of chairs: 30 children and 40 adult

This is to the right as you enter the Halls Vestibule.

Room B

Approx. Size: 8m x 6.5m         Number of chairs: 7 children and 12 adult

This is opposite the door of the Halls Vestibule.

Large Hall

Approx. Size: 20m x 8m          Number of chairs: 60

This is to the left as you enter the Halls Vestibule and is suitable for games.  Two sets of double doors lead through to the Small Hall and so bookings cannot be taken in this Hall for lively events if there is a quieter event in the Small Hall.  The Boiler Room which leads off this Hall contains 29 x 6-ft Go-Pack tables as well as mats for short mat bowling, by negotiation.

Small Hall

Approx. Size: 13m x 6.5m                   Number of chairs: 40

This is to the left as you enter the Halls Vestibule and is suitable for quieter events.  Two sets of double doors lead through to the Large Hall and so bookings cannot be taken in this Hall for quiet events if there is a lively event in the Large Hall.  10 x 4-ft Go-Pack tables are stacked in a corner of this Hall.


Approx. Size: 6.5m x 4m

This is to the left as you enter the Halls Vestibule.  It is well equipped with a commercial six-hob Electric Cooker, a Plate Warmer, a Fridge, a Microwave and a Commercial Dish Washer.


Our church building was opened in 1848 and extended in 1863 and 1982.  The interior was refurbished in 1985 and 2005. The building is cross-shaped with an extensive vestibule and Undercroft.  The Undercroft was completely redesigned and refurbished in 2017.  WiFi is available throughout.


Approx. Size: 11m x 10m                    Number of Chairs: 8 easy and 45 upright

This is a modern well-equipped room for a wide range of functions.  The room itself is equipped with a large flat screen TV, a retractable screen, a ceiling mounted projector, and a table tennis table which is stored in a walk-in cupboard.  Availability subject to negotiation.  A small kitchenette is attached with fridge, drinks cooler, freezer, microwave, automatic coffee machine, and commercial dish washer.

Sumner Room

Approx. Size: 4m x 3.5m                     Number of Easy Chairs: 2

Access to this room is through the Undercroft.  This is the larger of the two rooms and is intended for counselling and very small meetings.

Housley Room

Approx. Size: 4m x 2.5m                     Number of Easy Chairs: 2

Access to this room is through the Undercroft.  This is the smaller of the two rooms and is intended mainly for counselling or 1-1 meetings.

Worship Area and Vestibule

Approx. Size: 20m x 17.5m                 Number of Chairs: 160  with 60 additional in the balcony (24 more are stored on the South side of the Worship area)

This area is used for Sunday worship and for concerts and very large meetings (including the balcony).  Glass doors can be slid back so that the Church Vestibule can be an extension of this space.  The area is equipped with extensive sound facilities, a ceiling mounted projector and a retractable screen, all subject to negotiation.  The Church Vestibule must be booked with this area.

Church Vestibule

Approx. Size: 9m x 13m                      Number of Chairs: 17

This is ideal for small/medium sized meetings.  Tea and coffee making facilities are available.