Our Aims

We aim to be a congregation where:

  • our worship helps people to know and praise God
  • our practical care shows we practise what we preach
  • our outreach into the community shows people the ministry of Jesus and invites them to join us
  • our eagerness for justice and peace is a resource for daily living in a troubled and unfair world
  • our probing and celebrating of the Gospel is good news for strangers, the poor, those with special needs, lonely and wounded
  • our shared laughter and humour show that Jesus has come to give us all a richer, fuller and more joyful life
  • we value and nurture children and young people
  • our inclusive and welcoming community seeks partnership with other Christians and people of faith
  • we welcome other pilgrims to join us on our journey of discovery and learning
  • we delight in giving glory to God and belonging to a worshipping and serving community