Virtual Balloon Race for Christian Aid

This year Christian Aid focuses on the effect of the climate crisis in small rural communities in Eastern Kenya.  To find out more and how you can simply donate to this year’s appeal, please visit Christian Aid

Virtual Balloon Race 10th to 23rd May 

The race has now finished!    77 Balloons took part in the race from Wilmslow to Kenya.  Thank you to everyone who sponsored a balloon in support of Christian Aid.

Congratulations to the top 3 winning balloons …

1st – Taffy

2nd – MawMaw

3rd – Penola

Visit the leader board to see the finishing position for all balloons – View Leader board

Balloon race registration has now closed, however, you can still make a donation to Christian Aid, by choosing the Donation button below…

Race Update…

22nd May last Day…

We are now on to the last day and a half of the balloon race.  This week we have flown over Tunisia, Libya, Sudan and Ethiopia heading to Kenya.

The winner will be announced on  Sunday 23rd May after midday, at the social zoom and on our website.

Week beginning 17th May…

The balloons are now flying over Sardinia.  They have travelled over Birmingham, London, Paris and Monaco.  Next week they will be heading towards Libya and finally arriving in Kenya.

Watch the backgrounds change daily as well as the leading balloon.

Good luck 🎈

Go go fly a balloon, they’ll be in Kenya soon,
supporting Christian Aid, helping climate change.
Up in the atmosphere , over the land and sea
Go go gooooo fly a balloon.